Business Leaders In Colorado Declare They Are Open To All

As a nation, we decided long ago that when a business opens its doors to the public, it should be open to everyone on the same terms. It’s the law in Colorado. But shockingly, many Americans still can’t be sure they will be treated equally when they seek goods or services from businesses in their local communities.

No one should have to worry about whether they will be denied service or face hostility as they go about their daily lives. Yet far too often, we hear stories of discrimination, such as a gay couple being kicked out of an Uberpeople of color facing abuse and violence in a dinerMuslim women ordered to leave a café, or people with disabilities being harassed in a restaurant.

That’s why leading businesses, the Leadership Conference on Civil and Human Rights, the NAACP-LDF, One Colorado, ProgressNow Colorado and others are joining together to oppose discrimination and declare that they are Open to All regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, religion or disability. As part of the nationwide Open To All public engagement campaign, Yelp debuted the “Open to All” attribute that businesses can select in their profiles.

Join the Open to All Colorado coalition and make your voice heard. Invite local businesses to sign the Open to All Colorado Business Pledge, use the new Open to All attribute on Yelp, and hang Open to All signing in their storefront windows! Because no one should be turned away from a business simply because of who they are.

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